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United States
I dabble in tradish art and I consider myself a fair writer. I often start projects I will probably never finish but I do my best. For more on me: Info Meme:

I also love features, featuring art is fun. To get featured donate points!!
Current System: (you must note me for this to apply, critiques and llama badges come with any amount of points upon request)
(1-4 points) I will choose one piece of art from your gallery that I believe most representative of your overall skill/medium and add it to an upcoming feature
(5-9 points) I will choose up to two works from your gallery and add it to an upcoming feature
(10-19 points) you may choose two works of your own or a friends to be added to an upcoming feature
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(31-49 points) you may choose up to 4 works of your own or a friends to be added to an upcoming feature
(50-79 points) I will exclusively feature between 5-10 pieces (the general number of art I usually feature at any given time) from your gallery of my own choosing, and I'll wathc you!
(80-99 points) Get your own exclusive feature of 5-10 works of your choosing and I'll watch you!
(100-500) :D *Feature extravaganza* similar to my Holiday extravaganza:, I will feature as much of your art or a friends as you like, you can either select what you want featured and how or let me runaway with it!!! Be added to upcoming features for the next 3-6 months!! and I'll watch you!
(500 or more) Get the extravaganza and be featured in upcoming features for the next 6-12months!!! And I'll watch you!

Also: Visit me on Soundcloud and Power Poetry for exclusive pieces not submitted here!!! (I am more active on soundcloud though)…

Note: if I have Favorited your work, it is because I genuinely liked it, I try to limit the amount of artworks I fav to the best or most creatively inspired. You may thank me if you like, but it is not completely necessary since you earned it with your creativity and skill.


maybe my expectations are just too high on the internet but whenever I spend much time on these forums I find myself having to explain to some people that the source they cited is not in fact reliable or objective (such as a pro-life propaganda website or an obscure article with no sources cited for its "facts" or worse citing itself or a sister site with the same issues)

it's fine for people to disagree with me, but they should be able to justify their arguments with real evidence, not: out of context, mislabeled, misquoted or just plain made up information.

Anybody else dealt with this? What misinformation have you guys had to deal with lately? Feel free to share!
Something I rarely bring up about myself is that I own a ball python. I have had him for several yrs.
What I have not had is the terrible experience I got at petco today when I went to get him a feeder. I will try to keep this short so here's the breakdown.

I have been to this same petco several times without issues until...

when I enter the store the only person available to help is busy with customers so I decide to check to see if they have the standard feeding rats. They do

When the lady is not busy I announce my need for a feeder rat. She incidentally calls someone from the back but she specifies feeder mice and tells me as an after thought that the rats are and I'm quoting "too big"
my ball python is approximately three feet long and is quite thick around the middle he can easily swallow a small rat and I currently have him sized for medium.

I give her a disappointed and confused look, because my snake could easily eat four mice without stopping for breath they're just too small. Plus I already saw the size I wanted.

So she tells me that I can redirect the actual worker when she gets there and tells me to meet her at the feeder cage...

but the worker didn't hear clearly and first checks with the other, I partially overhear the same rhetoric about the rats being too big...(what does that even mean without context of what size snake I have? what if I had a Burmese or boa?)

The worker comes over and asks me if I'm sure I want the rats.
Now, they had two distinct sizes in two different cages and the ones up high did look a little big but the smaller ones looked about the same as what I've been feeding him, I indicate that the smaller one looks fine.
But the worker is still looking at me like I'm crazy, I tell her how long my snake is and explain that I come here often but she still seems put off. She says "ok" all huffy but instead of getting a box and preparing my purchase I see her on the phone and then stepping halfway into a backroom with her co-worker.

This seemed more than a little shady to me considering how concerned they looked and I was already feeling hassled by this point so I just left, I'll be shopping elsewhere tomorrow for my now very hungry snake...

- she never asked what type of snake I owned
- she seemed less interested in the description of my snake than in the size rat I wanted even though the two are directly connected.
- I got the impression that neither of them knew the first thing about snakes and food sizing despite having baby bp on display...

The whole experience really bothered me, I usually just specify what size, fill out some paperwork and get what I came for, I was not prepared to explain ball python feeding methods to two ignorant old women who freaking work in a pet store!!
Perfect Agenda 2 by ActsofArt
Perfect Agenda 2
page 1:

I seriously hate that bench :p

Writer's note: I personally do not condone smoking at any age, Abbey is a fictional character whose actions do not in any way represent me except in a superficial way.
Perfect Agenda 1 by ActsofArt
Perfect Agenda 1
*sigh* I know I will have to go back and fix Abbey, but Chrystal came out so fantabulous!

Title page:

page 2:
Perfect Agenda Scene I Priorities by ActsofArt
Perfect Agenda Scene I Priorities
I still need to work on technical aspects, that bench sucks lol XD
Hand Drawn, edited with Gimp page redo you can visit my original w/attempt at color here:
page 1 is up!
Normally I do monthly features to give myself time to find and collect art, prepare it and still leave room for my personal life but I love valentine's day especially now that I have my own loving man...So in part to commemorate last years piece: Lovely Works, but mostly to just get in the celebratory mood here is a special feature just for the season of love!! :D
If you would like to view my February Feature you may do so by clicking this link: Brilliant Sight: Special Feature
If you would like to be included in an upcoming feature visit my profile ID or note me for details remember a single point can get you featured!!
For point giveaways you must scroll to the bottom of the page

                               Gato Y Perro by reniervivas666
                  Wire Wrap Clay Flower Pendant by Create-A-Pendant   Royal Rose Argentium Silver Copper Necklace by popnicute 
                  Captured Heart by ChristopherPollari   Rose by karz09



                                                     With a Universe so VastThere were no stars glowing in her eyes
And no universes spilled from her lips
But sometimes she looked at you
Like you were everything to her
And that alone
Made her special enough
  Prelude.Let your fingers slide across my skin as if I were a flesh-bound piano.
Play the notes you know will sound sublime hushed against your ear.
Let your lips drag themselves tenderly across my neck.
––As your teeth imprint themselves across my waist.
Hold me as though this moment is the only one you comprehend.
Stare past my eyes, into the raging depths that surge through this vastness.
Let our bodies serenade one another in pristine awareness.
Our quickening breath composes our prelude
––For the night is still young.
© Rocio Belinda Mendez
  Fire, Water, Air, EarthI once worshiped a fire god,
a man who wrapped himself in
flames and brimstone armor.
I burned myself trying to touch his heart.
He loomed above me and
no matter how high I reached
I was only grasping smoke.
I once worshiped a water spirit,
a man so elusive, running his own
course, even when it ran away from me.
His heart ran through my fingers.
He was cool to the touch, as
refreshing as rain, and cleansed me
for the brief time he allowed me
to swim in his pond.
I once worshiped a djinn,
a man of the air, whom I never saw
or touched, only felt in my lungs.
He sustained me, kept my own heart
beating, though I did nothing for him.
When he vanished the air left
my lungs in a rush, and I was
sucker-punched, breathless.
I have found now a mountain,
a man of the earth, unshakeable,
steadfast, a constant figure
on my internal landscape.
His heart is made of loam, a fertile ground,
and I revel in it. Together we grow
a garden in the mountains,
above the world, and we live like angels.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Pulse by ActsofArt

From the Heart

Point Giveaway                 


Valentine's Day PM/Points Giveaway!This giveaway is now closed! Thanks to all who entered!
Let's spread the love with a giveaway!

I've got a few points, so I thought I'd share the love!
The winner may choose between a 12 Month Premium Membership, or 2300:points:!
Some people have 'til hell freezes over status, so for those I thought I'd throw in the points option too!

1. Favorite this journal.
That's it! I'll pick one winner from the list of those who favorited on February 14th, 2015! All entries entered on or after February 14th will not be counted! Unfortunately dA does not timestamp the faves, only dates them. This is the only way to ensure no one favorites after I announce the winner in case I have to choose a runner-up. Sorry!
While you're here, I'd love if you'd take a peek at


20x50 Points Giveaway #3 [CLOSED]Well I don't know what I should make with my points, so I decided to make again a little Giveaway :3

10 people can win 50 :points:


The rules are really simple:
- just fav+fav the Journal and you're in
- Please don't hate/insult me or the winners if you shouldn't win
If you want you can share the Journal :3
The winners will be choosen by using and announced at the 16.02.2015 (UTC +1)

Little Update: Should this giveaway reach 150 :+fav: it will give +10 extra winners. So in total it will give then 20 winners!

  1000 point giveaway [CLOSED-Winner announced]Edit #2:  THE WINNER IS!!!

#240 aka lynxspot111 ;0;// <3 
As seen here: <3
Congrats >w< <3 
*edit* NO MORE entries beyond this edit of this journal please ;3; I need to finish giving everyone numbers lmao... so the winner will be chosen after that.  I'm really busy today so I'll probably finishing giving out the numbers tomorrow and pick the winner then ;v;  
Yep another one! Cus I love you guys who support me and I wanna reward you. :-D
How to enter, just a few steps!
-Fav this journal
-Post a journal about this giveaway
-Post a comment below linking the journal and I will give you a number! 
That's all! <3 
-You can watch me if you like my art, but you don't need to do it to enter and it will not increase your chances of winning, since I will be using to pick the winner at random. :-D <3 
  400 Point GIVEAWAY! + MoreHello Deviants! I will upload giveaways each two months! I bought $10 worth of points, and im sharing some with you! Ready to win? Please follow the rules! Please join the group :iconfreegiveaways: if not enough people join this contest, I'll cancell it!
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I will be using to select a lucky winner! Good luck everyone! :hug:
ENDS: febuary 17th!!
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 700 Points Giveaway! -OPEN-Another +500 points giveaway~!} I'm Hosting a Raffle! -150 Point Giveaway-}
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