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And I'm not just talking main characters either. Think about all of the characters you have described in any one story, around how many women did you include in comparison to men and what roles did they play?

I'm not looking to bash anyone, I really don't care if your main characters are all male and I don't need you to justify your choice for doing so, but I am curious how people come to make their choices and if they stop to consider the roles and numbers of men and women in their stories...or if they just play it by ear.

I  have read a lot of fantasy and most of them of course use typical fantasy tropes: barmaids/servers in taverns are always women and the proprietor is usually a man (but not always). Coopers are always men and if the cooper has a daughter, she is usually thinking about marriage, not learning her father's trade. Mayors and council members of cities and towns are dominated by men and again, women usually only play a role of power through marriage. there are of course exceptions but these are true for most fantasy books.

I have also read a fair amount of scifi and I have noticed a trend of officers being men especially if they have lines or any sort of dialogue. protagonists are almost always men (with rare exceptions) and women at most are background characters that never say or do much of anything

TL;DR When writing how do you decide the gender of charcters, is the ratio equal and what roles do they tend to play?
12 deviations
My recent cold has given me a case laryngitis,a temporary loss of voice, and a painful sore throat. :( I am never spending time in the wind ever again!!!
Oh no! I have a cold! Stayed in the wind too long :( expect low activity
171 deviations
Boldly attempting a return even as I attempt to juggle real life. For now we'll just consider this a one-off but I will attempt to go back to my biweekly schedule. My premium/core subscription has been terminated for now and I'm not certain I want to spend my points on it so for now it's back to the basics for me! :)

Highlights From my Last Issue

As some of you may be aware my last issue was all the way back in September of last year (wow!), so bear with me as I attempt to refresh memories and rehash my old newsletter! For those of you who would like to see my previous entry it is available at the following link though much of it is expired content! :p Some Community Events 12

dAmnHub shared some awesome info about the forum and chat! Chats and Forums Newsletter v.4
BoundByGenderProject still needs new members!
And projecteducate continues to supply informative tutorials and amazing educational material of which I have only skimmed the surface in my shout outs!!

Featured Members

Bullet; Purple My chosen person to highlight this week is:  :iconh-everybody-lies--md: As an artist she is thought provoking and extremely talented, as a person she is kind and always nice even when you are being a complete boob! I admire her even as she continues to fight her own personal battles with ocd. :hug:

Bullet; Orange And The New Member who stands out to me is :iconanderskoehler:  this person has only been a deviant for one month but has some cool paintings that are quite impressive! go take a look at their gallery and say hello! :)

Help and Tips

 Bullet; Pink   projecteducate continues to be a hub of information with their tutorial on finding nude models/photagraphers! Be warned though! This spicy info is mature content! :flame:

Bullet; Red And LadyLincoln shares some well rounded advice about navigating DA and submitting! :heart:

Mature Content

  Seven at Seven: DeviantART Community Tips What is This Article About?
This mini-journal feature is focused on seven helpful points, posted at seven (EST time.) Within this article, I hope to feature anything of a varied nature to guide deviants as they navigate daily through the vast, growing community. The first issue highlights seven helpful community tips that anyone can take advantage of.
So, with introductions out of the way, let’s dive right in.
One of the important things that will make the most of your community experience is in how you present yourself: positive or negative. Do be aware that you and you alone make the daily choice in how you approach others as a deviant. This may seem obvious: but unfortunately, not always considered before leaving a comment. Believe it or not: how you interact with the community leaves a mark, impacting yourself and others, in

Noteworthy Happenings

Bullet; Green CRCommunityProjects is attempting a cool sounding exposure project for more info check out their journal!

Bullet; Black And The annual DDSuggestionDrive is just around the corner hosted by: DDSuggestionDrive :heart:

Exposure Project
ExposureProject is a new group whose goal is to give growing artist more exposure by creating features to showcase them.
Including to the feature each artist will have a personalized folder to upload their newest drawings to gain more exposure under the group watchers.
Please help the project to grow by giving the features a :+fav: or by watching their newest activities.
  DDSuggestionDrive is coming: 1st-29th of February!Hi everyone! :wave:
This is an event which takes place every year, and is hosted by DDSuggestionDrive
Have a look on these journals to get a better idea!

 You can find out more about the Drive by clicking on the image above!

What some of our Community Volunteers think about Daily Deviations:

To read more from this interview, click on the image above!

Would you like to get involved?
Besides suggesting DDs, you could also contribute with prizes:

And here is the awesome Moonbeam13's CV Team! 

Challenges and Contests!

New Years

Egil21 is hosting a New Beginnings contest with big big prizes up for grabs! Any medium excepting literature goes!!

And the AnotherContestGroup is hosting a new year's themed contest open to all forms of art!! It doesn't get better than that!!!

CONTEST +than 4000 points or Core status Magic Hat Hello!
I'm on dA for almost 7 years.
To celebrate my deviantART  Anniversary I want to suggest you a contest! :yay: 
I always loved to sponsor contests but, as I have some groups to take care of, I don't have as much time to support contests in my own page...but 7 years is a great anniversary and I want to have a party!
 :blaww: What is the Theme of the Contest?

New Beginnings
- you may interpret as you wish and you may use any medium (except literature).
 What to do? (READ CAREFULLY) :thinking: 

Bullet; Green Produce a piece (preferentially), following the given theme or, if you have a piece you love and which you feel is suitable to enter this cont
  In the New Year ContestGreetings Deviants!
It's been too long since ACG held a contest, and I figured in the new year it's worth just pushing forward and living up to who we are!:happybounce:
The theme of this contest is to show or tell us what you hope to do in the new year! Do you want to improve your drawing? Travel the world? Tell someone you love him? Whatever's on your heart! :heart:
Everyone who's a member of dA may enter! :la:
This contest is open to all mediums. :dummy:
I will pick the top five winners based on skill, aspiration, and sincerity. Then I will put them to the other admins to pick the final three.
:bulletgreen:Works must be new and made for this contest
:bulletgreen:You must include "This is for AnotherContestGroup's In the New Year Contest" in the description.
:bulletgreen:You must include in your descrip

Valentines Day

Bullet; Blue Digital-Wings-Art wants to feel the romance in this photo-manip and digital art contest! But if you want to take part you will have to become a member first and make sure you read ALL the rules before committing! :heart:

Bullet; Purple And InquisitionStories wants you to write your heart out when it comes to valentines day in their literature based contest! With point prizes on the table!

Bullet; Yellow With various ways to enter this literature bonanza and an affiliate contest too, My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink promises some fantastic prizes!

Share The Love Contest It's Contest Time Digital-Wings-Art Members!
Share The Love Contest

:bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: We're looking for Love or Romance inspired artworks :bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred:
:bulletred: :bulletpink: :bulletred: Think pinks & reds, that special someone, falling in love :bulletred: [Bullet; Pink] [Bullet; Red]
[Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Pink] [Bullet; Red] Use lots of stock and be creative [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Pink] [Bullet; Red]
[Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Pink] [Bullet; Red] (Optional) Tag a special deviant in the artwork description (Optional) [Bullet; Red] [Bullet; Pink] [Bullet; Red]

• Rules •
[Bullet; Red] Deadline is the 14th of February, 2016 [Bullet; Red]
• Entries must be new, submitted no earlier than January 4th, 2016 •
• You must be a MEMBER of :devDigital-Wings-Art
  Valentines Day Theme This group has been a little bit on the quiet side lately. I've decided to start on something we've been working with for awhile but haven't actually been able to do since lack of funds. Now that we have it, here it goes!
Write anything at all that has to do with any component of Valentines day. It could be a short story, it could be a poem - it could even be a short novel!  Submit your work the the Prompt Response folder.And since this will be considered a contest, there will be prizes!


1st Prize: 100 :points:
2nd Prize: 50 :points:
3rd Prize: 50 :points:
And for all of those who participate, you can opt in to get your very own free Pixel Baby curtesy of Elomaya. Ex:
I'll also feature 10 (depending on how many actually enter) of the deviations on my profile page + all the submissions will get a spot on my journal featuring people fo
  Valentines Contest + Affiliate Contest
Logo designed by *007Balel
"A non-judgemental, safe place where writers can submit poetry, prose, prosetry, phoetry, or anything they have written, without fear of prejudice or criticism."

Forms Challenge Winner for September 2015

By Diluculi

Welcome To My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink's Contest

:bulletred: There are two ways of entering this:
1) Write something based on one or more of the prompts
2) Write something encouraging/kind/loving for someone else on DA
:bulletpink: Each way can be entered multiple times, though you can only write about a single deviant per entry.

Quote Prompts

All The Rest!

copper9lives is offering handmade jewelry and more as a prize to anyone who creates art "celebrating the community." All mediums accepted, including music!!

Stewed-Tomatoes is getting out of this world with their space oddity contest if you can incorporate the stock image into your own art. The offer 50 points to all winners!

Still-Life-Stills needs participants for their still life photagrophy contest! The theme of Hot Drinks should be easy so get started now!! Core memberships and point prizes make this an alluring possibility!

And finally, Live-Love-Write has released their new weekly literature prompt theme which gives the writer multiple options so go check it out and get writing!!

Copper's Community Contest!Copper's Community Contest
:bulletgreen:Create art celebrating the concept of community, however you define it, and whatever it means to you personally.
:bulletgreen:This contest will run until Monday, February 29th (that's right; it's leap year, folks) at 11:59PM EST.
:bulletgreen:Enter as many times as you wish, solo, or as part of a collaboration.
:bulletgreen:The winner will be announced by the Ides of March (March 15th).
:bulletgreen:The prize is a custom-made handcrafted jewelry set from me, design to be chosen by the winner, worth $75. Please see my gallery at OohShinyJewelry.
:bulletgreen:Second prize is a $15 card, generously donated by LiliWrites.
:bulletgreen:Other submissions that I find are of especial merit (i.e., I had a hard time deciding) will be awarded a digital package consisting of an Icon Avatar, ID Image, and Literature Author Tag. This prize will be to the specifications of the winner, and can be gifted to another dev
   Space Oddity Contest1. Add the groups icon
2. Add your skill level
3. Submit to the contest folder

Astronaut with Jet Pack in Orbit by DamselStock

Not so simple contest. We are going to create a space scene, you can include planets, stars, and what ever you can imagine in your space oddity. You must use the required stock above.
Concurso de No es tan simple. Vamos a crear una escena del espacio, se pueden incluir los planetas, las estrellas y lo que nunca se puede imaginar en su singularidad espacio. Debe utilizar la acción requerida anteriormente.

FEBRUARY 1st 2016
01 de
   Still life challenge January 2016 - Updated!Happy new year everyone! I hope you are ready for a new year with new awesome challenges!
First I have some information for you about the challenges, as you might remember I put up a poll and asked if you wanted challenges in January and I asked if you wanted both still life and the recipe challenge a total of 24 people wants challenges, 13 said yes and 11 said yes, but only the still life challenge, so I was thinking that we'll have a soft start and only go with the Still life challenge for now and then I'll see if I'll start the recipe challenge later. Sounds cool? 
I'm so happy right now because 8 wonderful people joined in on the December still life challenge and I'm having big issues choosing the winners because all the pictures are so great! We can only have 2 winners, (sadly) so here they are:
First: :iconawesomealexis1: Totally awesome picture, I love the theme, and how you've placed the stormtroopers and how you've put a cute lill bow on one of them.Your focus is r
  Writing PromptHello!
:bulletred: Featuring those who submitted to the previous writing prompt from Live-Love-Write, here are the participants for this week, listed in reverse order of submission, along with information on the newest prompt. Please remember to fave this journal to help support your work and the prompt!
:bulletblack: To submit to the writing prompt, please remember to put "for the Live-Love-Write writing prompt" in your artist's comments and submit to the Writing Prompt gallery for your feature every week. Entries without this info will be denied. To submit to a past prompt, send us a note with a link to the entry and the prompt information.
:bulletblue: All literature and comics in response to the prompt are welcome and encouraged.
Last Week's Writing Prompt
Respond to the following theme:
A card game
Admin's Choice:

This week's writing prompt, from January 20th to January 31st, is:
Write anything t

Point Giveaways

Each one has specific rules so don't forget to read them if you plan on entering!

Contest Extention and UpdatesUPDATE 01/14/16: Prizes and entries added
Due to an understandable lack of entries (holidays, am I right?), I've decided to extend my contest up until the 5th of February, to give everyone an entire month to complete an entry! Details of the contest are below...updates below contest info.
**Prizes added--01/14/16**
1st Place
4 month CORE membership or 1,600 points or $20*
llamas from :iconAmarantheans: and :iconMagicalJoey:
An animated icon by :iconAmarantheans:
A journal feature by :iconMagicalJoey:
2nd Place
2 month CORE membership or 800 points  or $10*
llamas from :iconAmarantheans: and :iconMagicalJoey:
An animated icon by :iconAmarantheans:
A journal feature by :iconMagicalJoey:
3rd Place
1 month CORE membership or 400 points or $5*
llamas from :iconAmarantheans: and  :iconMagicalJoey:
An animated icon by :iconAmarantheans:
A journal feature by :iconMagicalJoey:
Special Prize #1
Everyone who enters (ie, submits an entry)
  GIVEAWAY TIME (100 Points +)Hey y'all
Now that I'm back on DA, i'm in the mood for some giving. 
I would love to give 3 of you angels some gifts. You dont have to be one of my watchers, everybody can join!
But first, the rules...catching love 
1. First you have to share the giveaway with your lovely friends:backhug:And link it in your comment. 
2. Then you should grab a cup of tea, 'cause this challenge will be difficult Hands Over Cuppa 
3. Now sit down and try to picture your dream boy/girl. Or maybe your crush? Maybe even someone from an anime? :InLoveGlomp: 
4. Draw/make a picture of him/ her, and link it under hereI Love You Emote 
I will be choosing 3 people
1. Price - 100 Points + a drawing of your choice
2. Price -  50 points + a drawing of your choice
3. Price - a drawing of your choice
Good l

Groups I'm Into: On the Traditional Side

We've discussed lit groups and colored pencil groups but some groups are more open and accept a myriad of different mediums that fall under one specific theme: in this case, traditional art

TraditionalUnleashed has been around for four years and accepts drawings and paintings as well as papercutting/mache/folding, 3-D, sculpture, wood-burning, and even stock images!

Art-Sticks as the name implies, accepts art based around "sticks" including charcoal, colored pencil, marker, and paint! They also accept mixed media and don't mind some digital editing. Their last journal also indicates that they need contributors so now is the best time to jump in!

Drawers-Life puts a focus on art created with pencils, markers and paints with amazing gallery folders that separates by subject rather than medium!

Traditional-Arts is more inclusive allowing paintings and drawings as well as sketches and even photography! Unfortunately, they haven't made a new journal in years so it's a purely submission group!

Traditional-Artists is a little different in that it sorts submissions by date rather than subject or medium! Still it is a very active group that accepts all things traditional no matter your abilities! The group does have submission deadlines that they update periodically so that Admins have time to process all entries!

:icontraditionalunleashed:  :iconart-sticks:  :icondrawers-life: :icontraditional-arts: :icontraditional-artists:

Have any News? Know of any cool happenings? Comment below and it might just be featured in my next issue of Some Community Events: A community archive for all your DA needs! :heart:


ActsofArt's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I dabble in tradish art and I consider myself a fair writer. I often start projects I will probably never finish but I do my best. For more on me: Info Meme:

I also love features, featuring art is fun. To get featured donate points!!
Current System: (you must note me for this to apply, critiques and llama badges come with any amount of points upon request)
(1-4 points) I will choose one piece of art from your gallery that I believe most representative of your overall skill/medium and add it to an upcoming feature
(5-9 points) I will choose up to two works from your gallery and add it to an upcoming feature
(10-20 points) you may choose two works of your own or a friends to be added to an upcoming feature

Also: Visit me on Soundcloud and Power Poetry for exclusive pieces not submitted here!!! (I am more active on soundcloud though)…

Note: if I have Favorited your work, it is because I genuinely liked it, I try to limit the amount of artworks I fav to the best or most creatively inspired. You may thank me if you like, but it is not completely necessary since you earned it with your creativity and skill.

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